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Making Paris Aéroport a destination itself.

The Cultural Challenge:

How do you reach people who don’t want to be found?

ADP Paris Aéroport was introducing My Royal Club, an elite “members only” airport loyalty club providing exclusive services for High Net-Worth individuals (HNWs) from around the world. However, HNWs in Japan are highly private and so extremely difficult to reach directly. RCS was given a highly aggressive timeline of just under three weeks to identify and invite 15 Japanese HNWs for the introduction of this club. Further, it was expected that these HNWs would fly to Paris at their own expense for the launch event, and once there, spend lavishly. Additionally, Japanese HNWs:

  • Expect a level of politeness, meticulous service, highly detailed information and punctuality that is over and above what their French peers expect, and what the French client expected to provide.
  • Respect French culture but didn’t see Paris as a safe destination due to many high-profile attacks reported in the Japanese press.

RCS Capabilities:

Customer Targeting, Direct Response, Social Influence Marketing, Event Marketing, Partnerships

What we did and how we did it…

The Idea:

RCS established partnerships with elite Japanese travel agencies that have access to this privileged and private social set by offering them the opportunity to provide their clients with a highly exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience—the launch event for the club, an invitation-only dinner prepared by three Michelin chefs, rare champagne and wines as well as entertainment by the National Ballet — inside Terminal M at Charles de Gaulle airport.

The Execution:

  • RCS oversaw all communications to guarantee meeting the Japanese HNW expectation for gracious and meticulous planning.
  • The RCS director accompanied them to Paris to attend to Japanese HNW member needs personally.
  • Security was both discreet and pervasive so that there were no negative incidents.

The Results

  • RCS succeeded in bringing 15 HNW Japanese to the event where they spent over €250,000 on luxury goods at the airport shops. RCS was then asked to repeat this success and increase attendance in the second year.

Year Two

Our success in meeting the timeline and target numbers for the launch event led the client to give us a more time—with the goal of reaching much greater numbers—in year two.

What we did and how we did it…

The Idea:

Reach Japanese HNWs through a top cultural influencer with access to this exclusive social set and invite them for a taste of the Paris Airport experience in Tokyo.

The Execution:

  • An invitation-only event in Tokyo featuring an elite ikebana sensei (a teacher of the traditional art of flower arranging) drew the target audience.
  • Use the Tokyo branch of Michelin-star chef Thierry Marx’s restaurant as the setting for the event.

The Results

  • RCS delivered 69 HNW attendees to the event, of whom 67 signed on as members to the club.