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Taking MINI loyalty to the max.

The Cultural Challenge:

How can you grow sales when the market is getting smaller?

The new car market in Japan is actually shrinking—so that in order to keep market share, keeping the loyalty of current owners is essential, especially when the time comes for them to buy a new car. While the Japanese value conformity, Japanese MINI owners wish to stand apart—within limits. For the Japanese, owning a MINI is an expression of creativity. So any loyalty program must deliver on this brand promise of individual creative expression without going too far out of bounds.

RCS Capabilities:

Loyalty programs, partnerships

What we did and how we did it…

The Idea:

A loyalty program that delivers experiences that express the individuality of being a MINI owner.

The Execution:

RCS selected partner merchants aligned with the concept of the program and the identity of the owners and then working within the client budget designed and negotiated special offers and pricing for loyalty program members.

  • RCS created the program communications.
  • Program experiences included spa vacations for owners and their pets, exclusive tour of the Alain Ducasse chocolate factory and yoga lessons on the beach nearby the Imperial summer palace.

The Results

Indicators show good owner engagement in the initial stage of the program