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Turning a beach paradise into a shopper’s paradise.

The Cultural Challenge:

Turning a beach paradise into a shopper’s paradise.

When overseas travelers from Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and China come to Honolulu there are lots of shopping centers nearby the beaches, so it’s easy to enjoy both activities. Waikele Premium Outlets (WPO) however, it takes up to 45-minutes one-way trip from Waikiki—so it takes time, extra effort and money to get there (whether by paid shuttle bus or rental car). RCS was tasked by WPO’s parent company, Simon, with getting tourists to make this extra effort to visit WPO while on a vacation where everything else is easy.

RCS Capabilities:

Partnerships, Customer Targeting, Multi-lingual Copy, Collateral, Direct Response.

What we did and how we did it…

The Idea:

Hawaiian Airlines is the only international airline that serves all these markets—but it faces heavy competition in each. To help promote WPO, we presented Hawaiian Airlines with a unique selling point—their passengers would receive special discounts at WPO and would be eligible to enter an instant sweepstakes when they visited. This created a win-win-win situation, for WPO, Hawaiian Airlines and the customer.

The Execution:

Drawing our capabilities in logistics, design, production and copywriting in multiple languages we created brochures that were given to over 140,000 passengers at the boarding gate at 11 airports in 4 countries. We also took on co-management of the program in Honolulu.

The Results

In the first year of the program over 1,000 participants each month were tracked to the promotion, with over $9 million in estimated spending at the outlet.